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Σόλο – The Cretan Beer

By February 17, 2017blogpost

Σόλο – The Cretan Beer

Σόλο – The Cretan Beer

Σόλο The Cretan Beer hits @ villa des arts Chania

Come and Taste  it during our Garden Opening on April 6th

Originated from Crete, Σόλο is not just any beer but a craft beer with soul. Antrophcentric, proud, uncompromising by nature, obsessed with the idea that a good beer is a human right, Σόλο is addressed to all of you who desired a perfect beer

Furthermore, rather than brewing for the sake of profit, Σόλο creates & experiments while calling beer lovers and Enthusiasts for interaction with the belief that much more than beer, craft beer is human contact.

In other words, Σόλο comes into existence through people, togetherness, friendship and sharing of ideas, emotions and everything that makes our moment worth living for.

This Year, Villa Des Arts will have the whole catalog of Σόλο Beer to try but not only, we will also carry few others from our partner Charitakis like brew dog and the white Czech beer Primator, you can find the full list here on our online Beer menu

“Beer, if drunk in moderation, softens the temper, cheers the spirit and promotes health.”

Thomas JeffersonThird U.S. President

“stay with the beer. beer is continuous blood. a continuous lover.”

Charles BukowskiWriter

Σόλο: Οι μαύρες μπίρες … στο φως | Dark beers demystified

Kjetil Jikiun Brewmaster at Σόλο

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