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Ipanema Espresso

By February 12, 2017blogpost
Ipanema Espresso

Ipanema Espresso

Ipanema Espresso

Time for a nice cup of coffee @ villa des arts Chania

come and try our Ipanema Espresso

The year 1964 was the beginning….

In 1964, three friends shared a common vision that was to change the coffee industry in Brazil. Inspired by fine wineries, their vision was to produce exceptional coffee of the highest standards with minimum ecological impact. And so they founded Ipanema Coffees, a company that 40 years later would be recognized as one of the most important and innovative coffee farms worldwide. Alternatively, we could simply mention today that Farm IPANEMA is the 28th largest “country” – based on its annual coffee production.

12.000.000 coffee trees produce 7.000 tons of coffee per year…

At an altitude of between 850 and 1350 meters, an area of 5500 hectares is home to the 12 million coffee trees which annually produce more than 7000 tons of 100% Arabica coffee, a coffee famous for its undisputed superiority of flavor and its aromatic characteristics, its low caffeine content, its highly demanding growing conditions and… consequently, its significantly higher price compared to other types of coffee.

…only the best coffee beans are carefully selected…

From all these coffee beans only the best are carefully selected and used to produce IPANEMA ESPRESSO, which according to the Rainforest Alliance is recognized as the best Brazilian coffee and one of the four best Specialty Coffees worldwide.

all got to ensure the superior taste of Ipanema Espresso …

From the initial stages of growing the seed till the final stage of preparation of the coffee for drinking, IPANEMA ESPRESSO has followed a unique path to quality certification. Thorough supervision of all stages of production, continuous monitoring and full compliance with quality standards and the extensive technical expertise of Farm IPANEMA, all go to ensure the superior taste of its coffee, while at the same time it is proud of its dedication to respecting the environment and its ongoing commitment to extensive social aid programs in local communities.


We all know there are different preferences in each market and that consumers tastes can vary greatly. Therefore the roasting of Ipanema Espresso is carefully balanced while captivating the taste demands of our European audience.

Ipanema espresso is to be slowly roasted, ensuring the consistent production of the well balanced 100% Arabica Ipanema Espresso.


Ipanema espresso was nominated among the 10 best world coffees for implementing better farm practices that contribute to the production of high quality coffee resulting in better environmental, social and economic benefits. The cup tests took place in California and New York by the Rainforest Alliance organization

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