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Manolis Calliyannis

By February 5, 2017blogpost, exhibitions

Manolis Calliyannis exhibitions

Manolis Calliyannis exhibitions Manolis Calliyannis exhibitions Manolis Calliyannis exhibitions

Exhibition of paintings and drawings @ villa des arts Chania

17th of June 2017 till 14th of July 2017

Manolis Calliyannis was a Greek painter associated with the School of Paris. He was born in Mytilini of Lesbos Island, Greece, where he received his only lessons in painting from Antonis Protopatsis (1897-1947), an Impressionist painter from Paris. During the Second World War he was a navigator in the Royal Air Force – RAF. He studied architecture from 1946-1948 at Witwatersrand University, Johannesburg, also painting in his spare time. He held his first personal exhibition at the Constantia Galleries, Johannesburg, in 1948 and moved the same year to Paris, where he became a full-time painter. He first made his reputation with abstract paintings in restrained and sober colors. In 1955 he began to make regular return visits to Lesbos and has since painted many landscapes of Greece, as well as some figure pictures. He moved in 1960 from Paris to a village near Nice. § Manolis Calliyannis took part in the following group exhibitions: The Arts Club of Chicago Chicago (1956-1957); and Pierre Matisse Gallery New York (1963, 1965, 1966 summer and autumn). Artworks by Manolis Calliyannis can be found at the following insititutions: Ethniki Pinakothiki – Alexandros Soutzos Museum, Athens; Museum Tériade, Mitilini; Musée d’Art Moderne, Paris; Tate Gallery, London; Toledo Arts Gallery, USA; National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia; and Salisbury Rhodes Museum, Zimbabwe.

Manolis Calliyannis passed away in July 2010.

“For the first time in Chania the Famous Greek Painter Manolis Calliyannis will exhibit his work at the Villa des Arts. A large serie of work from 1955 to 2008 from the family's private collection and numbers of drawings, esquisses on papers never shown before will be on display.”

Stephane ValiciArt Curator

“We are very proud to exhibit Manolis Calliyannis work, famous Greek artist, he first made his reputation with abstract paintings in restrained and sober colors.”

Yelena SwainArt Curator

In Company with Calliyannis

Private viewing of the movie from Pedro Olalla

Fugitive, student, mercenary, aviator, naval architect and navigator, Manolis Calliyianis abandoned at 17 of the country of Lesvos with the dream of becoming a painter and only a painter. Turkey, Palestine, South Africa, England, France, Crete, Lesvos and the bright waters of the Aegean are the scenes where life as a constant search takes place.

In 2008, in Athens Calliyianis met the Spanish Hellenist, writer and photographer Pedro Olalla who decided to dedicate a cinematic portrait. In this creative adventure  which was to become a last testament, the viewer identifies curious narrator both at the same time learn about life and painting and Manolis Calliyianis through the confessions of the artist himself. But what begins as an attempt documentary evolves because of the circumstances in a suggestive film about life itself and, indeed, to our astonishment and embarrassment against it.

Despite strong and militant of Greek identity, Manolis Calliyianis still be a great painter, accomplished in international galleries while largely unknown among his compatriots.

The film “In Company with Calliyianis” is an interesting creative challenge and, undoubtedly, a different film beyond the documentary and fiction.

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